I'm so glad you're here! Allow me to introduce myself!
First, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest gals in the world because I'm married to the most hilarious, amazing man! We were married in June 2008 and are loving life, raising our family in the Dallas area. We met through friends from our church right after I graduated from college and returned from Italy in 2007. It was basically love at first sight, and we have been best friends ever since. Together we love to listen to music, eat frozen yogurt, travel, and spend time working on DIY projects.
I quit teaching high school art full time right before our little man was born to become a stay-at-home mom, and now we have another bun cooking in the oven due to arrive this summer. My days are mostly spent doing experiments and acting crazy with him, with home improvement and decor projects sprinkled in here and there. Who am I kidding, it's an every day thing. He's my wingman and is already picking up some sweet home improvement & artistic skills. 
I love to spend my time tinkering with things around our new house -- building, painting, and organizing -- and helping friends with their decorating challenges in their own homes. I've got a sweet studio set up to store all my supplies and work on all of my fun projects. My main "qualifications" to do what I do and tell you about it here are a BFA in Fine Arts, and a whole lot of real-life experience, plus lots of reading & research (aka watching HGTV and reading design books). Most of what I do really comes naturally to me because I was just born creative with an eye for design, and I swear to you that is my one and only gift/talent. It just happens to bleed into every aspect of my life. Yay for my husband. Thanks honey, I love you!
Most of what you see featured here on my blog have been our own trial and error DIYs in our new home. My hope and goal is to begin to share more art project tutorials with you, so I can dust off some of my ole teaching skills. 

A few fun facts:
*In my first college drawing class, I created my self-portrait by placing my face into my favorite painting, "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.
*As a student, I despised my ceramics classes; as a teacher, it was my favorite subject.
*My 6th grade art teacher failed me and used the terrible phrase "you can't" because I liked to think outside the box. I didn't take another art class until my freshman year of college. I went on to gain a BFA in Painting and become a high school art teacher.
*I'm most productive and inspired when listening to music and working after 10 p.m.

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