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Before teaching professionally, I spent several years as the lead instructor and art director for a studio in Lubbock while I was attending art school. I taught everything from private lessons with 1 or 2 children to large groups of 100+ in summer art "boot camps" and public library workshops. I worked with children as young as toddlers to sweet little grandmothers. I have professional experience teaching elementary and middle school as well as the four years I spent teaching high school. 

When I graduated from Texas Tech in 2007 with my BFA in Visual Studies, I took my first teaching job in Garland ISD teaching high school art. I taught beginning art, advanced painting, advanced ceramics, and AP Studio Art, all while running a successful art club and department. My students have competed and placed in district art shows, VASE, and have had been accepted to fellowship programs and art schools with their work shown throughout the United States. While painting may be my "thing", I also have years of experience in ceramics, drawing, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. When you make the decision to hire me as a private art tutor for you or your child/children, you're getting an experienced and certified art teacher who really knows her stuff and has a blast doing it!
always an adventure!
learning to talk about art
at state VASE competition
Not everyone is comfortable enough to enroll in an art course just to learn a few new tricks, and may wonder if the class will even cover what they'd like to learn. It can be very overwhelming! However, when you choose private lessons, the sessions are completely customized to your skill level and the wants/needs for any area you'd like to develop. Lessons can be for your children or for yourself. I'm also very excited to work with homeschool groups! (Please inquire for scheduling and pricing) Sessions can be purchased one at a time, or as a package, and will be scheduled for your convenience. Before we get started, I will send you a questionnaire about your interests and what you would like to learn.
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For your lessons, I will come to your home and sit with you on a one-on-one basis (or, include a friend or two!) and talk with you and show you techniques and tricks to improve your skills. If you have a special project in mind, I would be glad to show you how to create what you're looking for and walk you through it step-by-step. You can even purchase a package of sessions as a GIFT for someone!
stretching canvases
outdoor photography project
at the Rachofsky house

Please visit my price guide to learn more about scheduling your lessons!