Sunday, December 14

a special book

I just wanted to update my 3 followers on my life! I have been in and out of town, extremely busy, and very sick lately but have still managed to find some inspiration for art. I am working on a really amazing project right now for my grandparent's Christmas present. This year is the first Christmas without Me-ma, my great-grandmother who passed away in April. I am making a book that I titled, "Legacy". Each of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone in my own family did some writings about Me-ma; favorite childhood memories with her, ways she impacted our lives, special things we will always remember, etc. Each person in the family has a page in the book with their writings and have also included some photographs. I was fortunate enough in my senior year of college to have a short photo shoot with my beloved Me-ma, so I have included some of those images in the book as well. As things start to come together, I'll post some pictures here. For now, I'll just leave a couple of photos from my special shoot with Me-ma in 2006.

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