Thursday, July 16

sleep talking

so, Matt occasionally talks in his sleep. lately thought, it's been almost every night. he ALWAYS falls asleep hours before me and i usually go work in the studio or watch tv or something until i get tired, and then i crawl in bed with him. i have noticed that me coming into the room, shutting & locking the door, turning out my lamp & crawling into bed with him has disrupted his dreaming, and that's usually when it happens. once it starts, though, it goes on and off basically all night. he has been saying the funniest things and i literally lay there laughing my head off - muffled into my pillow, of course, so as not to wake him - at what he says, and sometimes even the motions that go with it. i'm always afraid i'll wake him up with my hysterical giggling and he will be upset at me for waking him up.

so tonight, i tried a little experiment. 

when i walked into the room around 11:30 to put some stuff down, he started mumbling. now, he has been "asleep" for about an hour and a half by this point. not knowing if he was sleeping or not, i said, "hmm?" and he said, "hmm?" back. i giggled a little bit, and crawled on the bed and looked at his face to see if he was awake. he opened his eyes and looked at me for a brief second. okay, so he's awake. NOT!!! i said, "what did you say?" and he mumbled again. snickering, i tried to get him to repeat it. i asked him again, "what?" and he repeated himself, but this time with a more agitated tone of voice. i asked him to repeat it a third time (because i still couldn't understand him), and he very loudly, slowly, and clearly posed his question that he had been "asking me" in his dream. not only that, but he was VERY frustrated with me and he was talking to me like he sometimes does when he's awake. he even moved his hand up and down in a chopping motion like he does to get a point across. i answered him and he said, "ok". i won't share all the details, but based on the question he was asking he was definitely dreaming. we actually had a little "conversation" - me awake, and he asleep!! 


i wonder what it means when people talk in their sleep....? off to research and youtube... :)


  1. That's so funny. Jim's a very vocal and active sleeper/dreamer as well. His all-time worst was the night I woke up and he was chewing on my shoulder. He didn't remember the dream. Another time he was dreamt there was a bull trying to climb up on his tractor, so he was kicking at it to get it down. Guess who got the brunt of those kicks?!

  2. Okay, Tyra, that's ridiculous! Chewing on your shoulder??? I can't stop laughing about that. Ross used to do that too (not chewing, talking) when we were first married, but he doesn't do it any more. Once he asked me for a Dr. Pepper Snow cone. I used to play along too to see what crazy things he would say. Too funny! :)

  3. Wow, we all have sleep-talking husbands. Thankfully, Kyle isn't abusive in his dreams, but he has said some pretty wacky things.


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