Thursday, December 10

Wonderful Christmas Gifts!

I received this email from a coworker just a week or so ago...

"Guaranteed: no gifts from sweatshops!

My friend is a missionary in China. She and her husband moved there almost three years ago to volunteer to work in an orphanage. While volunteering in the orphanage over the years, they've noticed problems in their village and contemplated ways to help the poverty stricken people that make up their village without causing the villagers to lose face. (Apparently, in their culture, giving a gift without being asked would cause the person to "lose face." They would feel like you looked down upon them and pitied them because they were poor. So that isn't the best option. But, unfortunately, no one would ever actually ask for help. They're too proud.) So, how does this tie into your Christmas? They found a way to help give the women jobs and founded a new business for these villagers through Fair Trade. You can buy aprons for others or yourself for $19-$25 from their company, Scarlet Threads.

SO...I followed this link that she sent out: Scarlet Threads Website

I thought to myself, HOW COOL! This family went over there to work for an international adoption agency, and from it, they have done so many amazing things! What a gift they have for being able to step into a new place and help people in a way that no one else has, and impact their lives forever! And what a blessing to see the joys and assistance they have brought to this small village!

I followed along to their blog, and not only was I so touched and inspired by their story, but was really impressed with the designs they had created.
So impressed that I ordered one for a Christmas gift and one for myself!

Here is also a link to the blog of Jacob and Carrie, the individuals serving as "foster parents" in the orphanage over there, who started up the company.

I just wanted to spread the word to you all out there about this amazing company and the things they are doing to help the world become a better place. If you are curious about what they do, why they do it, and HOW they are able to do it, read up on Jacob & Carrie's blog (the second blog link). The aprons are so cute! Maybe you can get some, too. I'll post pics once they arrive!

"We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love."

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