Friday, January 28

see what i'm seeing, feel what i'm feeling

1.12 finished my painting for bethany

1.13 a detail

1.14 glow bowling friday night with ryan and amanda!

1.16 "date day" with my sweet love!

1.17 worked on organizing my art "closet"

1.18 sick day spent in my pj pants :(

1.19 sick day #2 - the sun finally came out :)

1.20 sick day #3 - my dear friend kathryn brought me frozen yogurt to help me feel better!

1.21 cutting out neon-colored footprints for bible class materials

1.22 officially organized fabric! makes me so happy!

1.23 finishing up a great book

1.24 an amazing lamp with a great story :)

1.25 an abundance of green m&ms at yogurtland

1.26 perhaps my favorite task: fabric shopping :)

1.27 sent my aide to my car to get something this morning... found this around 4:00 when i finally left for the day... made me smile!

1.28 this is my life and i love it!


  1. I'm LOVING your new blog layout! It's AMAZING! I love all of the links under the professional and easy to navigate! i love your new banner too! .....your photos are amazing and I'm so SO excited to see more!
    p.s. I see some AMAZING moo cards on your night stand!!!

  2. p.s. I also love the font....PRETTY!


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