Saturday, February 5

Saturdays in the Studio

I'm beginning a new weekly feature, "Saturdays in the  Studio". Each Saturday I will post to give you a peek into my life as an artist - in studio! These features will include photos of my studio, current projects, or even inspiration I'm dwelling on. I hope that this new feature will give my fellow artists inspiration and help to build a sense of "community". Since I have been out of art school, something I miss more than anything else is being around other artists 24/7. The "art school community" I worked to build really fed my creativity and passion. Now I rely on my blog community of artist friends - and even artists I've never met!

If you're not an artist,  Saturdays in the  Studio will give you a glimpse into the studio of an artist - or rather, an individual who strives to balance work and play. Even though I spend my days teaching art (which I love), I struggle with balancing my job and doing something for myself... and who can't relate to that?

This  Saturday in the  Studio...
Getting organized! Very excited about my new enclosure cards that I designed for my mail-out orders!

Saturday morning blogging & sipping hot chai :)

One of three paintings in the works for an adoption help-agency auction.

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  1. EEEEK!!!! I"M SO EXCITED for this feature! I love it already! :) What kind of paintings are you doing for the adoption agency? I LOVE IT! :) You're awesome.


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