Friday, March 18

happy organizing!

People who know me know that I often contradict myself as an artist by being extremely organized. Normally the two don't go together. Typical artists are very messy and surround themselves with piles and stacks and jars full of goodness. Trust me, I have my times, and certainly a "dedicated" area for artistic chaos is a necessity. However, I get a great sense of joy and accomplishment over staying organized. Labeling, color coordinating, etc. When I was small I started separating my M&Ms by color to eat them in a specific order. OCD? Maybe. Did you know, it is a proven fact that organized people are more productive people!?
I saw something really awesome - that incorporated both artistry and organization. This artist on flickr had organized their books on their bookshelves by COLOR! See here.

I don't know who they are, but this is pure genius. I had thought about trying it myself, but I don't have quite as many books and my living room isn't quite as glamorous, but I gave it a shot once I had some spare time laying around...

I'm not much of a book reader. I buy books in anticipation of finally getting the motivation to sit down and read through them. I buy titles that grab me and find books on topics that I'm interested in and still never get around to either starting them, or finishing them once I've started. I'm afraid to say I've only finished one or two books in my lifetime, and they were probably required readings for a class in high school. I've got quite the collection of art books; however, most of them are in my classroom! Once I bring them home I'll have plenty more to add to this collection and hopefully a better variety of colors :)

Just google "organize books by color". It's sure to bring a smile to your face!

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  1. Ragan...I'm SO LOVING this! :) It's like my little color coded buttons on crack! that living room is seriously inspiring!


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