Thursday, July 7

DIY hair accessory holder

i don't know about you, but i have quite a few hair accessories - headbands, clips, etc. up to this point they have just been scattered and in piles in the closet (how unorganized of me!) so i came up with a great - and very chic! - solution. i want to show you what i came up with, and share with you in case you want to make one yourself! there are a lot of little steps involved but it only took me about 20 - 30 minutes to create!

here are the materials you will need:
pvc pipe, 4" or 6" in diameter, about 12-18" in length (or longer, if you have a LOT of accessories!)
your favorite fabric, enough to cover the pipe completely
quilting batting
craft glue
hot glue
masking tape
a sewing machine (optional)

step 1: you'll want to cut your pvc pipe to your desired length

step 2: trace around the circumference of the pvc pipe on some scrap cardboard, and cut out a piece for both ends, as seen in the following two photos:

step 3: line up the edges and tape the cardboard circles onto both ends of your pvc pipe

(here is what it will look like):

step 4: cut two squares of fabric to cover the ends of your pvc pipe...

...and glue them down

step 5: then, tape all the loose, dangling edges down (as smooth as possible) to the sides of the pvc with masking tape

(here is what it will look like):

step 6: cut the quilt batting just a little shorter than the width of the pvc pipe, and make sure you have enough length to wrap around the entire circumference. you can leave an empty space of about 2 inches without batting across the bottom to create a little balancing spot for your finished product.

step 7 : hot glue or tape the batting down (very easy!)

step 8: measure the width of your pvc, cut your fabric a little wider, and then hem the edge of the fabric to match the length for a nice finished look (you'll see in a second!)

(now doesn't that look NICE?!)

step 9: once hemmed, it's time to break out the hot glue and watch it come together! match up the edge of your fabric with the edge of your pvc and glue tightly, working your way down both ends, all the way around to where you began. 

step 10: once you get to the end, neatly fold over the ends of your fabric under for a clean finish and hot glue across.

you're ALMOST DONE! the last step is totally optional. if you opt out, here is what your finished product will look like. if you left a space across the bottom without batting, your project will balance and stand still. you can also stand it vertically on one of its ends. all you have to do now is just stick all of your headbands on it and enjoy! 

 step 11 (optional): in addition to headbands, i also have a ton of hair clips and i wanted a place for them on this holder as well. so, i found a complementing color of ribbon, wrapped it around the pipe, and just glued the ends down (on the bottom). that way, it's tight but the whole thing isn't glued, so you can stick things under it. 

now i can put all of my hair clips on the holder as well! they just clip and slide right onto the ribbon!

i decided to stand my holder vertically so it wouldn't take up so much room on my shelf. here are all of my hair clips and headbands on it! 

thanks for visiting today! i hope you enjoy this DIY and give it a try for yourself! total cost of the project was LESS THAN $5 using mostly materials i already had!


  1. THIS is AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for sharing this DIY! I'll be sure to pass it along too! you're so creative and I love your ideas!! :)

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