Tuesday, July 19

i'm finally doing it

In college I took a tech class and learned all about art in technology. We learned this great software called iMovie that's on a Mac. I made a couple of videos - it was so fun! Since we've been married I've been thinking about doing a video/photo montage of everything from our wedding day and putting it to music. 

Today while watching the Nate Berkus show, I was blown away by one of his guests, Matt Odom. Matt takes footage from people's great - and sometimes not to great - wedding videos and turns them into music videos. They had a guest couple on the Nate show that had really crappy wedding footage taken by friends and they sent it to Matt. He made a gorgeous music video out of it. Ashton Kutcher discovered him online, and Matt became famous almost overnight.

Check out some of his work by clicking on the image below.

I mean, WOW! This is my "I've been thinking about doing but never did it" idea for 3 years now. And finally, I am getting on to my next project.....

:) happy creating to you all!

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  1. This is SO AWESOME!!! I CAN'T WAIT to see what you create!


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