Monday, August 8

prints on etsy & a special story

Sadly, yet excitedly I announce to you that "Sacred Tree" is completely sold out! But not to worry, I'll restock soon :) I wanted to show you the four other prints for sale in the shop and tell you a special story behind one very special painting!

This painting is titled "Change the World". Along with "Sacred Tree" it was created for a special auction fundraiser back in April. I received such an overwhelming response at this, my first auction experience, that I just knew more people would love them. SO, that's why there are now prints available for anyone to purchase. I just know the owners of these originals hold them to be very special (whether they know the story behind them, or not), and I am so very thankful to share the joy and love of art with others.

"Change the World" was inspired by these adoptive families. I have grown to become friends with an incredible woman who played a major role not only in the auction but also as an adoptive mother herself.
I was thinking about all the things adoptive families must go through in order to bring a child into their home. They take major risks, often without knowing what's on the other side, to bring these children safely into their arms. These selfless individuals reach out to children without families and bring them into loving environments. They, in a way, change the world by - one by one - by helping children without anything. Because of adoption, these precious little ones now have loving families who will support them, encourage them, and give them more than they could ever imagine. Most importantly, they bring a child into a godly home and share the Lord with them. They completely change that child's world. AND - at the same time, the thought of one very special child literally changing the world for his/her new parents is... incredibly sobering.

The imagery used for this painting includes collage elements like magazine clippings and buttons. Each of them have special meaning, but I won't tell you exactly what's behind them. I'll leave that to you to decide for yourself.

I know many families with adopted children and I just think this print would make an incredible gift for anyone you might know who shares in this story :)

These three other prints (also special favorites) are also listed for sale at $10 each.

Thank you for reading this, and for sharing in my artistic journeys!

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