Monday, August 15

a thoroughly artistic day of exploration, inspiration

Last Thursday I decided to make my way up to my favorite fabric shop in McKinney for some fun. Then, I thought, I might as well make a day out of it! I love the old McKinney square. So many antique shops, coffee houses, art galleries, and just a fun environment. It is so quaint and calm and the weather proved to be more than perfect that afternoon. For the first time in over 40 days, the temperatures dropped below 100*. WAY below - we're talking 84* and cloudy, people. It was amazing. There was even a slight breeze that actually gave me a chill as I got out of the car. I had almost forgotten what it felt like :)

I made a photographic journal -of sorts - of my day there. After spending 2+ hours in the Quilt Asylum, I took the beautiful drive into the square. Decided to stop and eat at "Spoons" - a sweet little cafe that looks like it was stuck in an old loft (complete with old windows hanging above the dessert bar and brick walls), with the best burgers and even better dessert. After I devoured my lunch, I walked around and looked in antique shops, even an old-timey candy shop for some real-deal saltwater taffy. Then I decided to go paint pottery and just enjoy the free afternoon I had given myself. It was incredibly refreshing! Just what I needed :)

When I came home I got to work on my project with all of my fun fabrics and reflected on the wonderful day!

Do you ever give yourself inspiration days?

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  1. This is a fantastic idea! I need an inspiration day like this! :) It sounds like you had a blast!


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