Tuesday, September 6

newest painting

I was asked to create a painting for a friend of a family member, whom I've never met, that is apparently really fabulous :) She is a breast cancer survivor!! I wanted to make something really meaningful for her that would be powerful and inspirational. I went with a swirly tree, and swirled the ends of the branches into Pink Awareness Ribbons. I went crazy incorporating all kinds of colors, especially her favorites - purple and lime green. You can see the little pink ribbon branches peek through all the crazy swirls and circles!
I used the words "surviving" and "living" to subtly fill in some of the background spaces. I wrote her a little note of encouragement to go along with the painting with one of my all-time favorite quotes, "Life is not about surviving, it's about LIVING!"
I hope she enjoys hanging and looking at this painting as much as I did creating it, and I hope every time she sees it it gives her a little boost in her day with it's vibrant colors and strong message.

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  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!! This is so beautiful Ragan! I love your interpretation of the idea of "Surviving vs. Living"! The details are so meaningful and perfect! I LOVE the curly pink ribbon branches and the circles...beautiful and ALIVE! I love the way that your painted the word "Surviving" in thick paint and painted over it! And the roots, textured tree, and colors are AMAZING!!! I can't get enough of it and I'm sure the lucky new owner will feel the same way! Thanks for sharing!!!


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