Tuesday, May 15

military gals, i've got good news

I've just GOT to share with you my most recent custom order. This Bible cover was made for a military wife and - get this - she wanted to use one of her husband's old cammies as the base fabric for the design! Eek! I was (and am still) SO super excited about this piece.
Her requests were to use the camo as the main fabric and to use accents of pink, turquoise, and fun whimsical patterns to make it fun and feminine.
She also wanted to include the name badge somewhere in the design, and I found the perfect place for it along the binding.
Inside, I attached the pocket from the front of the jacket so she can keep pens, papers, whatever safe inside. I lined the inside of the pocket with the same accent fabric from the binding and the handles.

She wanted handles to make carrying her Bible easier (she juggles several youngsters!) and also a little polka-dotted button closure to keep everything safe and sturdy.
I just LOVED being able to create this special and unique piece for her. This style is now featured in my etsy shop, so if you are - or if you know - a military gal, this is a fantastic gift idea. It's a great way to keep a little piece of their man close while he is away :)

Enjoy your day!

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  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I can't get over how beautiful and special this is...wow!!!


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