Tuesday, May 1

wrap-around style Bible Cover

This particular style is becoming very popular with my customers! It's the wrap-around style, where an accent color and pattern of fabric wraps around the entire Bible cover to form a nice little closure on the front with a fun button or brooch :) Here are a few that I've made recently (with some nice details!)...

This one was for a "girly girl", so I was sure to add a few feminine touches :)
This one requested, "purples, greens/browns/earth tones... and polka dots" - I think I nailed it!

Side view of the wrap-around style

I also had the opportunity to create a cover for a BABY boy's gift Bible! It was a really fun challenge to make something different. I also loved that the customer wanted his initials included on the front. This was also made in the wrap-around style with a big, fun button on the front for little hands to grab onto :)


It may be too late for a Mother's day gift, but don't forget the graduates! Check out my etsy shop to order yours today!

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  1. These are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the chevron wrap around strap! :)


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