Tuesday, April 30

an afternoon at Lowe's makes me happy, happy, happy

We are getting closer and closer to our move and with that comes some necessary purchasing.
I have been searching for a perfect "sunburst" mirror like these...

Because our style is kind of vintage/mid-century modern mixed with a little industrial and a little traditional, I thought this would be perfect for our entry way. You always need a mirror when walking in or out of a door. My very favorite is the first one, but the problem is it's about $700. Seriously?! Why are mirrors so stinking expensive?? I found the exact same mirror at ZGallerie, but it was $500, so, not any better. Here's my criteria:
  • Sunburst or starburst style
  • Leaning more towards silver or no trim at all....we have no gold in our house. Not huge fans :/
  • About 24" wide or larger
  • under $100 (psssh! ha!)
Y'all know how difficult that is? Target has a few (the last one pictured is from Target) but I'm just not crazy about them. I know I won't be able to find my DREAM mirror in my price range, so I at least need to be happy with what I settle on.

I still need to check with HomeGoods, but today I found this one at Lowe's!
I was super excited about it and almost bought it on the spot, but I want to shop around just a little more to make sure that's the one for us :)

On to the paint department... We could literally spend HOURS there. Today I was after a few things - a) swatches of grey for us to compare and try for our overall interior home color(s); b) a bright aqua for my weekend armoire project; and c) lime green for an accent color in the playroom.
NOTHING - and I mean NOTHING - makes me more excited than buying paint. I know...
Also, have I mentioned these are my two absolute very favorite colors? In case you didn't already know :)
The green is called "Can't Miss lime" and the aqua, "Bayside". I could literally just drink them up, but I will try to contain myself.

This makes me happy, happy, happy - as Phil Robertson would say. I am really bursting at the seams to get going in our new house!!


  1. LOVING the mirrors and progress!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Happy Happy Happy day!

    1. Thanks, friend! I'm having a LOT of fun getting ready to move in and set up our new place!

  2. I'm very interested to see what you are going to do with the Lowe's mirror because in my humble opinion, it's nothing like the others and at this point, looks like you paid $100. So, very excited to see the finished product. :)

    1. The Lowe's mirror is actually very similar to the mirror from Target (the last one pictured), so that's why I was drawn to it :) Plus it doesn't have the gold framing around it, and that's something I was looking for as well. I know it's not a wild as the others...that's why I haven't quite decided yet! Thanks for your comments!


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