Sunday, July 14

etsy favorites

Being an Etsy seller myself, it has naturally become the first place I shop for neat decor & accessories (as well as great ideas) for myself and our home. These happen to be three of my recent favorite finds that will soon be making their way into our home:
from yumalum
from MadeByGirl
from harperjanssen
I love the modern, playful touches each of these will add to the new digs!

This week one of my goals is to really start pulling things together in our house. I've been working on each room simultaneously, and we are getting to the point where we can truly start creating a sense of unity and more completion throughout the spaces by putting up some of the decor & accessories. I still have one "staging" room full of boxes that need to be sorted through, and things that need to go up on the walls. So I really hope to make that happen over the next week.

This week I also plan to share with you a little in-progress peek at our media room, phase two of my studio redesign, and even an exciting and super easy DIY! Stay tuned, and have a happy Monday!

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