Monday, November 11

for shame, for shame

I tried to hold off as long as I possibly could. Pinterest is the devil! Notreallythough. I ran across this awesome playlist idea the other day, and needed to check it out.
Most of the songs are already on my "merry & bright" playlist, but it was fun to discover a few new ones! Naturally I had to preview the songs, and then I couldn't stop the bleeding. 

Still think my ultimate favorite is Michael Buble's album, "Christmas", though :) His voice is like buttah, and I love it for so many other reasons and at other times of the year, so why not keep the trend through the holidays?
I've realized that this year we will be needing a bigger tree. Our old tree was a mere 6 feet tall, and was a little scraggly looking. Not bad for an apartment; not good for our new home with 12 foot ceilings. So that means later this week I'm going to be on the hunt for a reasonably-priced, pre-lit tree over 9 or 10 feet. Wish me luck.

With a much bigger tree comes the need for quite a few more ornaments. Rather than keeping up the red, black, and silver (Wreck 'em, Tech!), this year I've decided to add light aqua and lime green to brighten things up and make it more fun. You already know my favorite color is aqua. It only makes sense. Here's a few ideas I've gathered from the web that I'll be taking shopping with me this week. 
via A Pop of Pretty - she's got more great images of red & aqua holiday decor
via Etsy
via Flickr
google images
via Flickr
via A Spoonful of Sugar
Isn't this color combo SO fun?! Very cheerful and fresh, and I think the little one is going to have a blast helping me get everything set up this year. Two years ago I had just had a baby, and last year we were in boxes, so it's been a while since I've gone "all out". This year, I'm pulling out all the stops. But I'm going to refrain myself until the day after Thanksgiving. At least for the decor.

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