Sunday, January 18

new or no?

I always get my best ideas late at night, especially if I know I have a day or two coming up when I'll have time to work on them. My latest idea just came to me for making custom Bible covers. I know, people already sell Bible covers, but I have a cool, artsy, really feminine idea for some. I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get some supplies and try it out. Looking through and picking out patterned fabrics is basically one of my top five favorite things to do. I plan on making a simple wrap around style cover with thick fabric lining and maybe some rough edges, but with a really unique closure, with a brooch or something else eye-catching. I feel that my experience in book-making will really pay off when it comes to creating these simple covers. I'll make one, post some photos, and see what you guys think!
I was also inspired today at Anthropologie as I was looking at their adorable but very pricey aprons. I've thought about making aprons before for fun but never really knew if anyone would want them - what do you think??
I also came up with a neat decorating idea for when we have a house. I am obsessed with my new last name, as most new brides are, and the letter B. While at Anthropologie, we got another "B" for our house, and now we have several letter "B"s around our place, and I thought, how cool would it be to have an accent wall painted a deep color with all different styles and sizes of "B"s all over it? I have a beautiful image in my mind - hopefully it will come into play when we actually purchase our first house.
Thanks for all your support!


  1. Oooohhhh! I totally can see all of that. Especially the Bible covers - what a great idea! Can't wait to see the end result.

  2. First of all, I have ALWAYS wanted one of those aprons from Anthropologie, but couldn't bring myself to cough up $60 for one. So, I'd be first in line for one of those! Especially the halter design. So cute.
    I love the Bible cover idea too. And, I completely understand being obsessed with the letter B. :) It's the coolest!

  3. Ragan! I saw the Bible cover you made for Jenni. I want one!!


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