Thursday, February 5

Bible covers = success!

Well, they are a hit! As big of a hit as I had hoped...everyone who has seen them wants one, so, if that includes you, let me know! Since they really took off, it was suggested that I have business cards, so, I created some of them, as well as cute "thank you" tags. I've been having a blast making all of these special and unique covers! The first photo you see is the first one I made, for myself - enjoy some photos of a few more....
This one was made for Amy Golightly ^
This was made for Darlene Burkley ^
And this is a detail of one made for Tina Fairchild ^

Be sure to click on the "art gallery" icon to the right to see more images on my flickr account! I've made quite a few! Thanks!!
This was created for my mom :) Attached is one of my new tags!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Those are absolutely gorgeous! You could totally start a business doing this. Okay, we need to talk. I want to order a couple for my sister.


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