Thursday, August 13

So Sunday night I was reflecting on the special time I was able to have with Matt. Weekends are GOLD to us, because they're the only time of the week where we have more than 3 hours to spend together. By the time Matt gets home from work, it's late - we eat dinner, chill for a bit, and then sleep. The week nights are just not long enough, so Saturdays and Sundays are precious to us. You could say we live for them! Last Saturday Matt & I drove all around Dallas, seeing sights and trying out new things. One of our little stops was to Beverly Hills' "Sprinkles", a gourmet cupcake shop in a real ritzy area of town. They were amazing! SO this is kind of what came of it....and be sure to read the letter at the end :)

Included with this painting was a letter to Matt....
Last night I had a rush of creativity! I created a painting inspired by our fun day together yesterday. I loved (as you mentioned) how it was reminiscent of our first "date", when we traveled all over Dallas with no clear destination, taking in all the sights & sounds and making decisions on a whim.
One of my favorite things to do "on a whim" with you is try new foods, and I enjoyed our "Sprinkles" experience yesterday so much! I created this because I was thinking about how much of our life will be spent eating cake together - the parties leading up to our wedding, our wedding day, anniversaries, all the birthdays we will share together, and then of course our children's birthdays and celebrations. I used to never like cake, but something about eating it with you makes it extra tasty.
The collage surface came from several places. One of the things I included were excerpts from the desserts section of an old recipe book I have. Some of it came from a magazine and the funny thing is, I didn't even realize that one of the sections I tore out was from an interview of Mandy Moore and it discusses her film, "License to Wed", which we saw on our first date! There are also "four signs you've got chemistry" - one of them being, "you want to be more like him." I think about this all the time, how you are so patient and kind when you deal with others and are always willing to look past flaws and love people for who they are (even if you poke fun at them). I really do admire you and want to be so much like you.
This started out as a cute little idea I had floating around in my head, but grew into something much more meaningful, and I hope you will appreciate the thoughts behind it.
I love you very much, and I am glad I get to eat cake with you.

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  1. RAGAN!!! I love incredibly sweet!!! I'm sure that Matt loved it! miss y'all still! me


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