Monday, September 21

autumn, so wondrously called

this is a drawing i did a while back. it doesn't have a title, but i think speaks very clearly. to see more shots (larger photos and details), click on the flikr link to the left....

here are some shots of what I've been up to lately...
i bought these YUMMY fall corduroy fabrics to make fun things with :)

aren't they absolutely DELICIOUSLY FALL?!?!

So I made some more autumn-inspired pins, and decided to capture the changing leaves with the photographs :)

This is something I've been wanting to try - adding tulle to make them more frilly and fun :)

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  1. I LOVE what you're up to!!! What a powerful amaze me with your honesty and putting all of your heart in your work. I am LOVING your new fabric! I need to order something from you :)...perhaps some more flower pins for fall! love you girly! miss you!


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