Thursday, January 21

The Lord is working

Thought it is hard to see at times, the Lord has His hand in everything we do. My journey of faith, reliance, and peace for the last year has taken me to places I did not know existed. I have seen those around me rise up to the challenges with new found strength and courage. I have been inspired and healed by the words of friends and brethren. I have grown closer to my amazing husband, my friends, my family, and most importantly to my heavenly Father. I won't trade any experience for the relationships that not only have been strengthened, but the new ones that have blossomed. I am truly inspired and my heart is filled with imagery. As Molly says, "God has given me some images to help me see how He wants me to trust Him." So true! Not only do I have images of the journey I have been through, but also of the place I am now - on the "other side".

Artwork to come!


  1. I've got chills and I'm so honored to be in your post today and to be your friend. I'm so glad you know what I mean! ...I'm loving the new look of your blog too! I cant wait to see the artwork to come!

  2. Hey Ragan, I agree with Molly. I am honored to be your friend. Your post is great and your blog is so cute! You will have to give me some pointers. I had no idea how talented of an artist you are! I mean, the "happy mail" you sent at FC was always gorgeous but I just didn't know how artistic you really are. Take care girly!


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