Thursday, June 10

modification gratification

I am currently putting together a wall that will be a collage of frames! I purchased a bunch of old frames at Goodwill and spray painted them all black, to add to my collection of other cool frames that will go on the wall.

So I am getting my frames together and deciding which photos will go in them, and I realize that I need to spice things up a bit. So I looked at one of the mats that came with them, and thought of an idea! *heavenly "aaaahhh"* "I should cover this in patterned fabric!!" so this is what it looks like now...


pretty chic, huh?? ;) **note** the frame in these photos is the same frame and mat (minus the "art") as the YELLOW one in the top left photo.

I was proud of myself - try this for yourself at home! I would much rather use materials I already have and a little creativity than just purchase a replacement!!

To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Pick a fabric (patterned or whatever you choose) you would like to cover your mat with.
2. Spread out the fabric (right side facing down) and lay your mat down on it, leaving an inch or so of fabric around the edges of the mat, to fold over.
3. Holding the mat & fabric still, cut the fabric out around it.
4. Brush some glue (I used book maker's glue, but I suppose any type of water-based adhesive would work) onto the FRONT of the mat, and then carefully lay back down onto the back of the fabric. The glue side of your mat should now be touching the back side of your fabric.
5. Flip it all over, and use a spoon or some kind of burnishing tool to flatten out/even out the fabric so there are no wrinkles or bubbles.
6. Cut through the fabric in the middle of the mat diagonally into the corners, and let your cut stop just at the inside of the corners. Cut out excess fabric and, again, leave about an inch or so to fold over the edges of the mat.
7. One side at a time, apply more glue to the BACK side of the mat, and fold over your fabric tightly around the edges. Work your way around, and remember to use your burnishing tool to rub the corners and edges to leave them crisp!
*voila!*  you are done! Now stick it in a cute frame and fill it with something lovely!

**I also think framed swatches of fabric are a nice touch to a collage wall, just to add a little something fun and feminine :) In that case, you can just glue down and wrap your fabric around the proper size of cardboard and stick it in a frame. No glass necessary.

hope you enjoyed my little impromptu how-to!


  1. I LOVE this! You are such an amazing artist! I can't wait to see your frame wall!

  2. I love your new blog design! SUPER CUTE!!!


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