Tuesday, January 11

365, moo, and more

More 365 photos:


first winter precipitation of the year! 1.9.11

in progress painting for a friend! 1.10.11

slow cooked beef and vegetable stew aaaaall day long today! such a yummy dinner with cornbread! 1.11.11

My Moo cards came in the mail recently! They are so awesome and I get such a thrill handing them out! These business cards are such amazing quality and they have a different photo of my art on each of them. Love them!

We also just built a bed! It's beautiful! I designed it and we built it! Here's a peek:

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  1. RAGAN!!! I am SO LOVING your photos! I'm SO excited to see your moo cards...WOW!!! They turned out SO BEAUTIFULLY! I'm also LOVING your new painting! I'll email you soon!


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