Thursday, January 6

the 365 project

I've decided in an effort to get into a habit of blogging more, and also to give me an excuse to use and play with my awesome new camera, I would take part in the "365 project".

The goal of the project is to chronicle and share your daily life through a photo journal, and also to improve your photography skills. The first few I only took with my iPhone, and I think actually a lot of them WILL be taken with my iPhone, since it's always handy. Hope to whip out the Nikon more and more regularly as the project unfolds. I've only done it a couple of days, and I've missed a few, so here are some...




our new porcelain handle replacements are here! 1/6/2011

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  1. I'm SO LOVING this project! I'm VERY excited to get to read your blog more and see more of your life and creations! You amaze me!


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