Wednesday, September 26

retro soup

Along with other blogging artists and art lovers, I, too, have found something completely awesome in the soup aisle at Target. 50th anniversary Warhol-style soup cans!
These retro soup cans commemorate the 50th anniversary of THIS print:
which was later printed like this...
...fashioned in true Warhol color-block style!

I always thought it was funny when my students scoffed at Andy's work, "A soup can..? How is THAT art?" What their innocent question proves is... they didn't know is that Andy's pop art/social commentary work changed the way artists work - and the way the world views art - for all time.
fun facts about the artist with a few of his famous quotes
Hehe! I'm still giggling, they're so CUTE! I don't care for tomato soup but I bought them anyways because I just had to have them, especially at only $0.75 a piece. Now, what to do with them....

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