Thursday, May 23

our little world traveler

I'll have to admit - the exhaustion is really starting to set in. Alas, there is much left to do, so I must keep pressing on! The entry way I mentioned Tuesday received its final brush stroke around midnight that night. Tonight I tackled the looming task of covering the chocolate brown wall in the living room with the the lightest grey possible - and get this - I had to brush in and around EIGHT WINDOWS on that wall, too! I'm almost done with the living room, so as soon as the painting has been completed I can finally get the floor cleared up, furniture where it belongs, and some art & photos on the walls. The before and after shots are going to be pretty dramatic for this space.

I thought I'd go ahead and share some images of the mural I completed in little man's room last Friday. I still have some finishing decorator's touches for his room before I show you the big reveal, but I was just too excited to share this.

It only took me a few hours of painstakingly projecting and lining everything up, then tracing with a pencil, then REtracing my pencil lines with the oil paint markers I bought at Michael's. I don't know if it's because my mural took up an entire wall, or what, but I heard another lady say she did something like this and only went through ONE of those markers. I bought two to be on the safe side, then half way through the project went back to buy two more. That's four. Writer's cramp, much?

Anyways, here it is in all its finished glory...
(If you're wondering why Hawaii is so HUGE, it's because I was just not satisfied with leaving it a little dot on the wall. We love it and have been there twice! I have a cute little plan to frame it out with an open frame on the wall, kind of like they do on the maps so you can see it enlarged - but cooler, and 3D:)

I'm going with a "little world traveler"/"mode of transportation" theme in this room and I have some key pieces from Etsy that are really pulling it all together. Since mommy loves to travel, and daddy is such a car guy, we have some great vibes meshing in this room. But mostly, there's airplanes! Stay tuned sometime next week for the full room reveal :)

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  1. I love the map. You did such a good job. I was geographically challenged, so I had a map on the kid's wall and we referred to it often. I also do a lot of maps in Bible class. They really give perspective of our world.


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