Tuesday, June 18

"oprah calls it multitasking"

Do any of you know and love the movie, Sweet Home Alabama? This scene totally cracks me up when big-city Reese Witherspoon comes home for the first time in years to find her mom working around the house, telling her, "Oprah calls it multitasking". Makes me laugh every time!

In the spirit of multitasking, this week we've got several projects simultaneously happening (like when is this NOT normal around here?) Last week, once I started feeling better, I made the curtains for the playroom which is almost finished - along with little man's room, almost finished. So tonight, instead of completing what we'd already started, we* painted the media room aka the "man cave". Hubby is chomping at the bit to get it put together and of course it's up to me to get it started and get the inspiration flowing. Here's a few "inspiration" pins from Pinterest:
We're not smokers (or drinkers) AT ALL, but when hubby mentioned a "cigar club vibe" for the room I knew exactly what he meant. Sophisticated yet masculine, with a little old-hollywood drama. Done. 

I think this first image totally captures the look we're going for - minus the deer head - while the second transforms the vibe into a media room space. We wanted a charcoal color for the room (going along with the grey neutrals throughout the rest of our house) and he wants a cognac-colored leather sofa. In our opinion the color combo is so classy. We're still searching for the perfect furniture, but the painting is finished thanks to Valspar's Porcelain Shale, which turned out beautifully and exactly as we imagined. With our high ceilings and crown moulding we created the drama this space needed.

We're starting to gather decorating ideas for the space. For sure we know the Impala painting and his new custom-made vintage marquee letter M (more on that when it arrives) are going to go great in here. So we've got this room started and are taking a break at this point until we purchase furniture and the new TV.

One day we'll get all these projects done so we can sit back, relax, and enjoy it all!

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*Major props to the hubs for finishing painting while I was rocking a certain inconsolable toddler to sleep!!


  1. AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!! That grey and congnac color combo is perfect.

    1. Thanks! We love it, too, and are excited that the room is starting to come together!


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