Monday, June 10

woe is me

Well, the last week has not gone as planned. Little man came down with a fever and then sprouted lovely little blisters on his hands, feet, and legs....and then mouth. Before we could even say "Hand, foot & mouth disease!" I had already been exposed, too, and it was too late. Let me tell you, this. is. miserable. As soon as he started feeling better, I started feeling worse. Sharing is caring, right?

Obviously my plans to do some more painting & decorating around the house have fallen by the wayside. The Mumford & Sons concert plans for tomorrow night (that I've been looking forward to for months!) are no more. Boo.

So what do I do when I have nothing else to do but lay around and be miserable? Browse Pinterest and Etsy. Dangerous.

I finally bought this print I've been eyeing for the playroom from Apple Blossom Prints!

It will be perfect for our little adventurer artist in his new space :) I'm crazy about it! I even spent the extra money on the larger size because I like it that much! 

I hope your week is off to a much better start than mine. I have had too much time to think, and maybe that's a good thing, because I now have a cool idea for an airplane painting for little man's room in the style of hubby's classic car painting. Lots of planning, not a lot of doing... 


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  1. Cool Print!!!
    So sorry you and little man have been feeling bad! Hang in there! And that plane painting sounds amazing! :)


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