Tuesday, July 30

it's always a good day...

...when you have not one, not two, but THREE packages all delivered on the same day. It's almost like a mini-Christmas!
This one from "across the pond" I had especially been anticipating! That's the neat thing about ordering on Etsy - you get packages from all over the world! I even have a print all the way from Malaysia in little man's room! 
I absolutely loved their retro branding!
The print from yumalum will be displayed in our entry way as soon as I can find a frame for it. 

You can see a glimpse of my decal from Decal Monograms in the background, and I can't wait to get it on display in our kitchen! {By the way, this company is run by the sister to one of the stars of Pretty Wicked Moms on Lifetime! It's my guilty pleasure, and finding this decal after seeing this one in Miranda's kitchen on the show was basically the highlight of my week. The brush with fame was also a plus!}
If you watch the show you know that they tease Miranda because basically everything she owns is monogrammed and that's because of her lovely sister! So southern :) Nothin' wrong with that. If you need some awesome monogrammed items, check out her shop

The third item was just a boring replacement pitcher for our iced tea maker - something we actually didn't register for when we did our wedding registry, but has been one of our most-used and favorite items! 

I hope to show you some of these items in their new homes later on this week :)

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