Monday, July 1

playroom sources

First, thanks to everyone who participated in my first giveaway contest last week! It was a blast and I hope to do another one soon! Congrats again to Lauren, the winner and my dear friend! Also many thanks for all the sweet comments about our playroom. We are totally loving it, so I wanted to write a post including some of the sources of the artwork, furniture, etc. in the room so you can get some of the same looks for your own space.
Today my friend Jill asked me where I bought my curtains, and when I told her I made them, she sighed and said, "aw, man!" But seriously people, it's not too complicated, and usually less expensive than buying store bought :)

  • Curtains - TRADKLOVER fabric from Ikea - These particular curtains are 95" high, and each panel comes from a 3 yard piece, to keep the print even in all the panels. I had 9 yards in all.
  • Banners strung across windows - made from fabric and ribbon scraps
  • White EXPEDIT shelves, 2x4 and 2x2 - Ikea
  • Little personalized red chair - Anywhere Chair from PB Kids - I totally love these because they're really customizable with the colors, patterns, piping, and embroidery. Makes a great Christmas gift :)
  • Lamps - clearance section at Target, spray painted orange
  • Square blue rugs - HAMPEN, Ikea
  • Little table - garage sale find, painted
  • Red rocking chair - hand me down, painted
  • Woodstock poster - a few years old, from Target (sold during Woodstock's 50th anniversary, I think?)
  • "C is for Color" 11x14"print - Apple Blossom Prints on Etsy
  • Number canvas - clearance section at Target
  • "Don't forget to be awesome" 11x14" print - Fresh Words Market
  • "Laugh" sculpture - Hobby Lobby
  • Square fabric bins - Target
  • Pendant light fixture - by allen + roth at Lowe's 
  • I bought my white frames from Hobby Lobby and Michael's

walls - Notre Dame by Valspar, eggshell finish
chair rail - Gecko by Valspar, satin finish

Looking through the rest of my house, it's very clear - Target and Etsy are pretty much my main places to shop. And not just for decor!

Have a lovely Monday, and Happy JULY (where has the time gone?!)! It's a lovely 84* here in Dallas.

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