Thursday, July 18

you know that feeling...?

That downward spiral in the middle of painting a piece, when you realize that the more you "do" to it, the more you "undo" it? The point where "fixing it" becomes a distant memory and you just keep epically messing it up with each brush stroke??! Well, that's me tonight. I've been working on a giant airplane painting for little man's room in the style of the Impala painting and I'm afraid it's headed nowhere. I think my biggest mistake is not working on it consecutively - I've been taking long breaks (weeks at a time) to devote my attention to other projects - and I'm pretty sure I've lost my mojo. It is just looking more and more like crap the more I try to "fix it". Here's the photo for the basis of the piece:
I stepped away from it for a bit, played around with some ideas and...

then an idea hits me, and I'm all "yes yes yes yes yes". If you don't know who Stefon is, you need to seriously catch up on some SNL folks!
I hope to give you a happy report and an in-progress sneak peek at the painting tomorrow!

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