Monday, July 22

sneak peek into the man cave

So far in the media room/man cave, we've...
1. Painted the walls charcoal grey (Porcelain Shale by Valspar)

2. Taken the curtains from the living room, shortened them, and hung them in their new home
3. Hung the Impala painting
4. Purchased and hung the ginormous mancavessential television (you like that?)

5. Purchased our cognac couch

6. Purchased a sleek new floor lamp at Ikea

7. The vintage marquee M has arrived and has been hung
I'd say it's coming together, but definitely lacking some key elements. It's also interesting to note that the room has no overhead lighting - of any kind. At some point we will fork out the dough to get an electrician in here to drop in some dimmable recessed lighting and a fan. Because this is Texas, y'all.

It's pretty expensive to throw a room together from scratch. In our old house, we had one main multi-purpose living area, but in this house we have designed the rooms in separate spaces, and the "old", smaller TV is now in our bedroom. So we really are putting a completely new room together. It's probably a good thing this room is taking some time and money to complete, because it helps us take our time with our ideas for the design.

Also, since my last update I've put away the idea that I would - in any way - be able to "fix" the airplane painting (even my new idea). I'm going to reprint the photo and take it in a new direction, but here's a peek once I kind of figured out what I was going to do - but on the first copy.
I have two blank canvases that have been staring at me for close to 6 weeks that need to be completed for VBS which starts a week from today...sooo... those will take precedence to the airplane painting for now. I'll be glad to get a fresh start on the airplane and hopefully will be able to work on it in just one or two sittings, closely together.

Happy Monday!

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