Friday, August 30

a work in progress

Sorry for the lack of posts since last Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed reading a little about my new ink :)

Being a homeowner means there are, inevitably, always projects and "honey-dos". I have been a little sporadic when it comes to home decor, but for the last week or two I've been making myself just focus on one space, instead of things here and there in every room. The sense of calm when I realize I'm just doing "one thing at a time" - decor wise - is awesome, and honestly, a little new to me. I've realized it's kind of fun to take your time on a project and build from ideas over time, though this requires a lot of patience on my part. 

Right now my "focus space" is our master bedroom.  It started out the same beige the rest of our house began with. I knew the color family I wanted to work with, but picking paint colors is a life-altering decision that cannot be taken lightly. I started with charcoal on the wall behind our bed, to add some contrast to our light grey bedding. 
It stayed like this for a few weeks due to some indecision on our part. The dilemma was, do we do the rest of the bedroom in the same charcoal, or keep this as a focal wall and do something lighter on the other walls? While I wanted to make the space dark & dramatic, hubby did not agree, and voters on my Facebook page also helped encourage the decision to go lighter. So we went with a light blue/grey, that coordinates well with the paint color we kept in the bathroom and some of the pattern on our sheets. 
The room is SO unfinished and disheveled, but we love the way the paint turned out. It's calming and makes me want to stay in there all the time. 

From this photo, you also have a glimpse at the new mercury glass lamps I found at Garden Ridge, some wall decor waiting to be hung, and a side table DIY project in the works. I found the red-orange silk pillow at Home Goods. It's nice and wide, so it works well with the size of our king bed. I also made the covers for the three Euro pillows in the back with Ikea's NUMMER fabric. If you've never considered looking at the fabric at Ikea, I recommend you do so. I made curtains for our playroom using fabric from there as well.

What's next?
DIY side table
Hang decor on the walls
Figure out what on earth is going to go on the wall above our bed
DIY headboard
Curtains & curtain rods (a rather pricey decision)
Adding some more furnishings

We're going nice and steady with adding everything else in. I feel like paint is the biggest (and quickest AND cheapest) way to transform a room. Once we have that done, the room basically feels finished, it's just adding in all the details to pull the space together that need to happen. And they're happening, one by one. I trying to stay focused and not get motivated and excited about planning another room while this one is coming to life. 

Oh! Don't you just love this free printable from eighteen25 ??
It's going somewhere in here, too. The colors were too perfect and it was free. Get one for yourself! She's got tons of colors to choose from that will coordinate with your decor.

Patiently decorating,


  1. LOVE the way your home is coming together! Your bedroom is BEAUTIFUL! Love how the walls turned out! You're awesome!

    1. Thank you! I wish it was coming together a little more quickly, but it's nice to take my time! :)

  2. I have that exact print in my kitchen. I love the colors in it! Your bedroom colors look great. Very calming.


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