Thursday, September 5

the chair

The round chair made the trek from Lubbock to our home this past weekend, thanks to my amazing mom hauling it back for us in the back of her car. It has been in my mom's family since she was a child. She has memories of her Me-ma (my great-grandmother) spinning her in it as a child, and so do I! There's a special way we were always spun around in this chair. The designated mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother would lay on the floor and kick the sides of the chair with her feet, hamster-wheel style, to spin the dizzy, giddy toddler in the seat. Can you believe a 70-something great-grandmother would do such a thing?? What great memories. Supposedly all the grandchildren wanted this chair, but I won out because I'm the oldest. Sorry guys. Don't hate.

I've had this spot reserved for it in my studio since we moved in, and now, it's finally here :)

The fabric may be dated, but besides the pinkish-mauve velveteen I barely remember from my early childhood, it's always been this color and for now it's going to stay that way. One day we may have it reuphostered, but right now I'm just enjoying it in my new place. It's a great little spot to read, sip coffee, sketch out ideas, you name it. It's my "thinking spot". It's perfect :) I love having a little part of family history in our home, and seeing my vision for my studio coming together!

On a separate note, I won't fully admit to having a case of D.A.D.D (Decorator's Attention Deficit Disorder), but I definitely have a mild case. I've accomplished quite a bit in our master bedroom, I guess the main things left to do are to find curtains (which is happening tomorrow) and build our headboard. But I can't. help. myself. when I walk into my studio and start getting antsy. With the arrival of the chair, I'm one giant step closer to finishing this space up. Yesterday I spent hours organizing paperwork, supplies, etc.

Must. hold. Back.

The goal is to have all the rooms put together by Christmas. HA!

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  1. I LOVE this chair! Such fun stories behind it and it looks so comfy! The perfect place to curl up and sketch, write or drink your coffee! Little E will love it too!


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