Monday, August 19

home tour: entry way

Thanks to one productive trip to Garden Ridge (Why don't I go there more often??), our entry way is finally complete! Now I feel like people really feel "welcomed" as they enter our home.
I had been building up this area piece by piece with Etsy finds and a few DIY projects. Saturday I found the perfect sunburst mirror I had been searching for, as well as a fabulous rug in just the right size & colors.
Garden Ridge is so inexpensive I was filling my cart like a kid in a candy store - except, maybe even more excitedly. My sweet MIL and AIL (aunt-in-law) followed behind with laughter as little man entertained us (and everyone else in the store) by playing the harmonica.

My cart was overflowing, and as I approached skipped to the register, we had a big laugh about how we were going to fit everything in the trunk of my MIL's car (on top AIL's wheelchair!) It was just another adventure to add to the books.

We got all set up as soon as we walked in the door :)
Also purchased on our trip: two mercury glass lamps for the master suite, and the side table I've been searching for! More on that, later...


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I feel welcomed! :)

    1. Thank you! You're welcome ANYTIME! :)

  2. LOVE!! I can't wait to see your beautiful new home in person! You are doing a fantastic job! :)

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It is a lot of fun putting things together in our new place. Come on by anytime!


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