Monday, August 12

live music capital of the world

aka - Austin. Or should I say, HOT-stin. Because it was stinking HOT in Austin this past weekend, but that didn't stop us from enjoying our little getaway :)

There are many things to admire about Texas' capital, but what I love most about it is the eclectic & artsy vibe that oozes from every place you step.

Our first morning we went on a mural "scavenger hunt" and traveled all over the city in search of the larger-than life paintings that make Austin the iconic city it is.
Everyone told us we needed to experience the food trailers that basically occupy every corner and empty lot across South Congress & Lamar streets, so we decided HEY CUPCAKE would be the perfect place for an afternoon snack.
It goes without saying, it lived up to the hype.

We also had dinner at Magnolia Cafe one night. Notice the trend? You could plan an entire vacation "eating your way through" Austin; there are endless selections of one-of-a-kind, local restaurants to choose from, and we could have easily stayed another few days just to eat at all the places we had on our list.
Magnolia Cafe has a, "Sorry, we're OPEN" sign out front, which matches the quirky vibe of the restaurant's decor, menu, and wait staff. It's open 24 hours a day, was delicious, and we will definitely go back.
Friday we spent a few hours at Lake Austin, and a certain little someone had the time of his life! The lake is completely gorgeous - much more beautiful than any of the lakes in the Dallas area!
We also toured the capitol building, watched the bats take off from the Congress bridge, and well... ate some more. We had a blast, but are glad to be home and sleeping in our own beds again :)

I hope to use some of the photos from our trip as inspiration for some new paintings!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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