Wednesday, August 7

newest etsy purchases

I'll admit, it's been a little "quiet" over here at Painterly Passion for the last week. We are gearing up for a little vacation this month so most of my attention is focused in that direction. I did, however, want to follow up to this post and show you how some of these new Etsy items are displayed in our home!

This is the ampersand print I purchased from "across the pond" Etsy seller Yumalum. Check out Mark's stuff, it's very mid-century modern and fun!
This is the customized decal I had Marilyn at Posh Designs by Marilyn make for us, after spotting one just like it on Pretty Wicked Moms.
I am THRILLED with the way it turned out! The font has so much personality, and it looks very sharp on the little white platter.

I leave you with a very fun video put together by the amazing counselors & campers at FCMO camp this summer - the camp I attended every summer from third grade until I finished high school. It gives you a little taste of all the fun we had, surrounded by so many wonderful Christians! I loved seeing all the familiar faces in this video! I'm also completely in love with this song by Imagine Dragons! Enjoy -

Oh, and if you're wondering what on earth they're all doing at the beginning, it's the infamous "duck walk" that all new campers and counselors are forced to do their first year! An initiation of sorts :) 

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