Thursday, September 19

an epiphany

How many of you loooove the look of a pallet wall treatment, but have a hard time getting your other half on board with the idea? *raises hand*
So I have this magical creative space that's all mine in our house called my studio - aka my "free for all" room. Why did it just occur to me to do a pallet wall treatment IN MY STUDIO? C'mon, y'all. Someone should have slapped me earlier.
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I can't even type out this idea fast enough. I had the brilliant idea to score some dumpster (um, free!) pallets despite the "there will be no pallets in our house" rule, ahem and make a little accent shape, square or rectangle, on one of my walls just for fun & aesthetics. I looked around and decided which wall would be best, it's the only wall without windows, doors, etc. so it's the perfect open space to add something different. "How far up could I go?" I asked myself.

I have already edged my walls to paint them white (because a studio has to be white). My ceiling has been a touchy subject because it's not white, and I want my walls white. What to do, what to do? The vaulted part would be fairly easy to paint, but the skinny flat part across the top might be a challenge. It's about 2.5 feet wide, and runs the width of the room. Twelve feet up in space. I looked up, up, all the way up, and a lightbulb went off the millisecond I saw this image on Pinterest.
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I know what you're all thinking, because I thought it myself. How is nailing pallets into the ceiling going to be easier than painting it? Because nail guns take like, 1.5 seconds to operate, that's how.

I'm not going to reveal my entire evil plan here, but let me just tell you. This. is. epic.

Say hello to the space under investigation.
Oh, and say hello to my newly-installed light fixture from Ikea (or in hubby's words, "junk"). Whatevs.

It will take me a good weekend or two to score enough pallets for this project, plus painting the rest of the room white, and then I can get this baby knocked out. I simply can. not. wait. to do it and show you how it turns out! Once the walls are done, this space will basically be done because then I can hang pretty things on them and call it a day. And get to work.

Also I just made and ate pumpkin cream cheese muffins because fall is on its way, so it's a pretty good day around here.

What do you think of some of the changes you see here on the blog? I've been having fun playing around :)

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  1. Love you blog designs, love your writing, LOVE your ideas!!!! I can't wait to see it all come together!!!


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