Tuesday, October 29

31 days of fall, part 4

Here we are in the last week of October - sadness. BUT. That means November is just around the corner and even MORE autumn will be rolling in. Thank you for spending this journey with me here as we've welcomed fall's arrival to Texas. I'll be capping off the month this weekend with a backyard fire pit s'mores party Friday night, and brunch with my dear Saturday. Can't. Wait.

In case you're curious about the last week, here's a look at our life in photos, October 23-29.
 scarves & animal print. it's gettin' real up in hurr.
 working hard to sew this little sailor costume before our first Halloween party!
 1:00 am and frosting a few dozen cookies for Halloween party #2
 a crazy storm rolling on Saturday night. must have been OU's defense. boo.
 the first sign of autumn colors on a fallen leaf!
 all of a sudden, I look outside and part of our tree has turned a vibrant red-orange!
 anticipating the oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip muffins we made
Bonus: just in case you were wondering how HOT my husband is. Excuse the snotty-nosed kid. This is from our third Halloween party. Yes, we conquered THREE Halloween parties in 24 hours. Won't do that again.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your October and have a spooky & happy Halloween! 

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