Thursday, October 10

the studio "puzzle"

Piece by piece this space is taking on a shape and life of its own. I have one MAJOR project left to do, and then a few more items to put on the walls including a little mural. I could just cry.
the death of three pallets - after demo Friday

Here's a little peek of where we're at right now. Not finished, not perfect, but definitely close.
My little bulletin board received a facelift with some linen and painted gold polka dots. It's now going to serve as my "inspiration board".

Now it's hanging in its new home, over the round chair.
Friday night I finally found the courage to put up my bird vinyl decals I bought for-e-ver ago from Target.
I'm just a little obsessed with the energy and movement they bring to the room. The best part is, if I ever get tired of it, all I have do to is just pull them off the wall. BOOM.
Across from the round chair is a repurposed entertainment unit (see here) that I painted teal and distressed. It now holds small canvases, papers, random craft supplies, and some stationery & shipping goods. And a pile on top of things that don't have a home yet.
Next to the round chair is my desk and a mess on the floor thanks to a certain 2 year-old who likes to drag everything out. See that blank space on the wall? It won't be there for long. 

Not many other things have changed in the room, but I love giving you little updates as I complete new projects. When the room is all said and done, I'm going to give you a nice before/after story with images of the whole process. It really has changed quite a bit!

Your saw-zall loving friend,


  1. IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! I'm inspired from here! (pretty touched that you hung our painting too! :) Lots of love!

    1. Molly, it (your painting) is a beautiful and inspiring reminder every day. I was so glad it finally has a place to call home :)

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