Tuesday, January 28


This room is really coming alive and starting to look more like someone might live in it. Yesterday I finished all the grey, so today's naptime plan is to paint the white focal wall. The ladder shelf I ordered from Amazon also arrived, so we excitedly put it together and set it up in the new room while we ate lunch today.
Here's a little peek into the room, from the entry way:
While it still functions as an in-progress mess and catch-all room, we are slowly but surely moving things out to their proper places as each step of the project brings us closer to the finish line. I think the biggest difference will be seen once the full bed is out to its new owners, and the space opens up so we can bring in the new furniture.

I picked this sweet little guy up at Pier 1 yesterday. I guess this is officially the first item we've bought for baby #2!

Here's just a shot at where we were last week and where we are today:
Makes my heart happy!

Project Nursery rundown:
  • paint grey walls
  • paint white focal wall
  • sew and hang new curtains
  • lay out design for focal wall
  • paint color(s) on focal wall once we find out the sex of baby "Mo"
  • get rid of full bed
  • bring in new crib, dresser, and shelves
  • make bedding for crib
  • bring orange glider in from little man's room
  • accessorize shelves
  • hang art on wall
  • eventually update ceiling fan and doorknobs
  • have a baby

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