Tuesday, June 30

my latest creations....

Last night and today I worked on my latest creations that I am so proud of. I'm even more proud to say they were made for a friend. She told me what color palette she liked and then I got to work. I LOVE picking out fabrics and putting them together to create a beautiful harmony. I always feel like the patterns talk to each other. Sometimes they say "hey, I really like you". I have to get lost in my little sewing world..... Here's a peek:
Headed back to the studio. I love having a studio - more exciting things coming soon :)


  1. Yeah!!! Reagan LOVED them - you did an awesome job! You are so super-talented - keep it up! :)

  2. patterns TOTALLY talk to eachother! That's the perfect way to put it! :) I love it!!! I SO want one of these....can we make a trade? I also want to order some! Lots of love, molly


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