Friday, July 3


The other night I had an epiphany while laying in bed trying to sleep. Vintage-inspired fabric accessories. So I hopped up around midnight and got to work. You can bet I'll be making a million of these today. They can be worn either as a pin on your clothing or a clip in your hair. They are about 3" in diameter, and will be great for  girls of ALL ages - babies, too! I'm making lots and lots with fun patterns and color combos. I love how patterns talk and work together. They are $5  :)
That, and, I'm in LOVE with a painting I just finished for my cousin. I was asked to do it for a birthday gift. I think she's either 17 or 18 - anyway, I hope she loves it. I know I do!!

I used collage, acrylic, ACTUAL vintage paper dolls from the twenties I found at this great antique store, and of course a little patterned fabric :)

I finally got my inspiration.

 Next on my list: little birdies! I'll keep you updated!


  1. RAGAN!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I"M SO INSPIRED! I love your painting too :) It's fantastic! I can't wait to see what else you create! You are so talented and creative!!! I'm so glad that you're feeling more inspired again! lots of love, molly

  2. yes yes! That's the painting for y'all! Do you like it? I'll try to get it in the mail asap! I am LOVING your textile are amazing! Me and J love your bible covers and we're already dreaming of Christmas gift ideas! lots of love!Molly


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