Monday, September 17

design*sponge at home

Last week I received Design*Sponge at Home in the mail from Amazon! I was so excited! The author and founder of the now-famous blog, design*sponge, Grace Bonney, was in Dallas last fall for a signing at the release of the book. I was so incredibly pregnant and sick that my plans to go meet her and have her sign a book fell through. So I finally got around to ordering it and I've basically already read the thing cover to cover.
please excuse the laundry in the background - it really NEVER ends!
The introduction to the book, written by Grace, reveals telling details about her life as a "sponge", soaking up design and art and loveliness all around her in the very*MUCH*alive design scene in NYC. I feel like she and I would probably be really good friends in real life :)

One day, I was having brunch with my then boyfriend, Aaron (who is now my husband and partner at Design*Sponge). As I have been known to do, I was going on and on about the color palette in the room and how much I loved it. That's when Aaron had an idea: "Hey, have you ever thought about starting a blog about design? Maybe you could use it as a writing sample or a portfolio and use it to apply for a job at a magazine one day?" A few hours of excited conversation later, I was on setting up my very first blog. I decided on the name Design*Sponge because that's what I was - someone with an insatiable desire to absorb absolutely every tidbit about design that comes my way.

The book is full of photos inside Grace's favorite designers (and one of them is mine!) & their homes, fun DIY projects, and awesome "before & after" photos from home design projects. It's AWESOME! If you love design, you've absolutely GOT to have this book in your home.

The next exciting book to hit my living room bookshelf is Nate Berkus' Things That Matter, to be released October 16th. OH! And his Target line! AHHHHH! Coming October 21st! Oh, Nate. Just because your show was cancelled doesn't mean I love you any less!

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