Wednesday, March 20

diy growth chart

I'm in the middle of my very own growth chart to hang in our future playroom. I borrowed the DIY from Cozy Cottage Cute, which I originally found on Pinterest.
I LOVED this one, because it's simple and doesn't have ruler-like lines all over it, and kind of modern and kind of worn-looking. Modern & worn-looking/vintage/antique are probably my favorite design duo.

So far I've stained, painted stripes and numbers, and peeled off my tape & stickers. Here's one of my in-progress shots from the other night in the garage. (Please excuse the mess garage-ness of our garage.)
I actually wound up with a board that's a tad too long (better than being too short), so I'll just have to cut that off, stain the end, and go on with my life. Since the board will measure a person up to 6.5 feet tall, I was thinking that I needed the board to be that long. However, since it STARTS at one foot (the bottom of the chart starts 1 foot up from the floor), I actually only needed the board to be 5.5 feet long. You can see how my non-math mind completely overlooked that when I originally had the guys at Lowe's cut it down for me. So it turns out, instead of buying an 8 foot piece and having it cut down to 6.5 feet, I could have gone with a 6 foot piece - which would have been cheaper - but, ah well. 

I was right on track to finish over this past weekend when a nasty bug hit our house and 2/3 (including myself) were down for the count until today. So I have hopes of finishing the growth chart over the next day or two and getting it hanging in our new playroom hopefully some time in the future :) 

What I really like about creating a growth chart like this is that it's MOBILE, so if/when we move to another house, it can go with us! I need to get this bad boy done quick before our little one grows up before our very eyes. Just the other day his feet grew overnight, and all of a sudden none of our shoes fit anymore...

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  1. That is SO COOL! I LOVE your DIY posts! You are awesome!


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