Thursday, February 20

home tour update

Since the nursery is at a bit of a standstill for the next two weeks, I thought it would be fun to post an update on some of the rooms that we've worked on a bit since I last shared photos with you.

Master bedroom 
-since you last saw it: painted, floating shelf hung & filled, curtains & curtain rods hung, and I found the most FABULOUS painting at Garden Ridge for above the bed!! I'm in LOVE! This is such a great space with all the natural lighting, high vaulted ceilings, and extra square footage. We love to relax in here!
-still to do (tomorrow): build headboard
-eventually: find a couch or beautiful chair to put in front of the bay windows

Kids' bathrooms
I've never shown you the bathrooms, but one was tan and one was sage green when we moved in. There really wasn't much to see before, they were pretty plain. Both are now Behr's Southern Breeze, which is a favorite of ours. The bathrooms and laundry room in our first house were this color and we just had to bring it with us. Both bathrooms have the same shower curtain and color scheme, and coordinate well with the colors we've chosen for the rest of the house. It's so hard to get an accurate depiction of the color with the incandescent lighting, but trust me, it's the most beautiful, calming blue/green/grey you've ever seen.
bathroom #1 
In bathroom #2, I took the awkwardly hung towel bar off the wall above the toilet and replaced it with some pretty prints. Right now we don't use the bathroom much, but when it is regularly in use by a kiddo, we will probably put a towel bar on the back of the door.
bathroom #2
-still to do (in both bathrooms): replace linoleum flooring with wood-look ceramic tile, frame out mirrors, replace faucets and light fixtures

Little man's room
This is another room I never showed you, which is pretty much complete (for this stage in his life), except for updating the ceiling fan. The wall color is Neon Mint by Valspar. I'm not much of a "themed bedroom" type person. I like to just pick a modern yet versatile color scheme, focus on that, and see what develops. That keeps me from being tied down to one look, and also keeps options open for changing things out as the kids grow. Our little man has really started to love airplanes, and I kept seeing the cutest airplane decor on Etsy and in random places, so we just kind of went with it. We tried not to go overboard. You may remember the world map mural from this post.
-still to do: replace ceiling fan and finally add more fabric to the bottom of the curtains (I incorrectly remembered the measurements I took when we came to see the house the first time, so I wound up about 6 inches short. I've been saying "I'm going to fix that" since we moved in.)

Entry hall
-since you last saw it: nothing has really changed here, but the last photos I posted of it were pretty crappy, so I thought I'd give it another shot. Changing the living room up has also had a major impact on what you see when you come through the front door.
-still do do: possibly hang another art piece or two somewhere
Note: our special headless cat
The light fixture in here will eventually be updated, hopefully with something a little larger and contemporary like this from west elm:

Living room
-since you last saw it: The only thing that's changed is our seasonal decor and a few lighting pieces. We had an additional eyeball light installed over our new built in shelves to bring some light to the corner and really showcase the contents of the shelves. The opposite corner of the room was pretty dark, so we got a cool floor lamp from Target and now it has the perfect amount of light to balance out the space.
-still to do: this year I'd like to retile the fireplace with something lighter, cleaner, and more modern - like these beautiful marble tile examples:
We'll see how hubby feels about that ;)

We had some recessed lighting and a fan installed in the media room, but we haven't yet built or had someone build an entertainment/shelving unit around the TV.

Our kitchen and dining room remain a bit unfinished, so I'll hold off until we make some more progress in there to show you what we've accomplished. 

Some overall/eventual (read: big & expensive) home updates we'd like to do is replace all the tile in the entry, kitchen, and dining room with dark wood flooring. Another rather expensive upgrade will be replacing all the brassy doorknobs & handles throughout the entire house. We are currently focusing some of our time and energy into the exterior of our home, to give it some more color & curb appeal. Oh yeah, and this little thing called Project Nursery. 

When you are creative, it seems like things are always changing in your home. I am still in shock when I look back at all the old photos we have of our house, compared to the look and feel of our home now. It has evolved so much, and continues to do so - seems like - every day! Hubby keeps telling me, "No more projects!!". Pssh. 

What is it like in your home? Are you always working on something like I am??

Thank you for coming over today to see what we've been up to! 

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  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!! COME DO MINE!!! ha ha! :) I especially love the bright "pops" of color and the minty walls... beautiful! And that art in your bedroom is AWESOME!!! Love you!


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