Tuesday, March 11

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It's a...
Yay! We are beyond excited to have two little men running around this place! And now I am thrilled to show you what I did with this beautiful Tangerine paint!
The stripes are each 24" wide. I measured down from the top rather than up from the bottom, because the bottom of the wall is usually a little more disguised by furniture, and the top of the wall is not. Therefore, if I had a stripe that wound up not being "complete", which I did, it's no big deal. If you were to see a wall full of wide stripes and the top stripe was narrower, it would be a little awkward, because you would always see it (and naturally your eye is drawn up when there's a pattern like this on a wall). I also decided the top stripe would start the orange pattern, to separate the obviously not-white ceilings from the obviously white background.

Hubby helped me lay out the stripes with a laser level and painter's tape. We measured every 24" down from the ceiling and made a little mark with chalk first, then used those marks for where our lines would go. We shot the laser through the chalk mark, leveled it, and began to tape along the laser line. It was definitely a team effort! 

When taped, it looks like the orange stripes are wider than the white, but they're not! The total painted area for the orange was to be 24", so the tape went outside those lines, and therefore the tape cut into the "white" areas. When the tape came off, they were all the same size!

Using a quality brand of painter's tape is obviously the most important part of a project like this, but even with the best tape, textured walls still give way to some "leakage". Therefore, before I painted them orange, I went over the inner edges of the tape (where the orange would go) with a brush and the same white paint that was already on the wall. You can see this clearly on the top tape line in the second photo! What this essential step did was seal up the edges of the tape to prevent the orange from bleeding through. The white leaked through first in the textured spots, then it dried the same color of the wall, and it created a seal against the edge of the tape for the orange. Make sense? Once the white was dry, the orange went on! It took two good coats to get solid coverage, about a quart and a half of paint. I used a paintbrush to get in the corners, and a roller for the rest. 

In the words of Molly Shannon, "I love it, I love it, I love it!"
It's on now, peeps!! All that's left is the decorating and furnishing part (the fun part). I am going to be making a few things out of the same material as the curtains, and a little teething guard out of this fun fabric by Riley Blake, called, "Boy". It's a navy, grey, orange and red polka dot.
For those of you who don't know what a teething guard is, it's a piece of fabric or plastic that you secure onto the top of the crib rails, so when your little one is teething, they don't gnaw the wood/finish off the crib. We figured this out just a little too late with baby #1, but this time we will be ready to go. I'll probably be doing all of the sewing sometime this week! Yay!
I'm starting to figure out and purchase some decor, which you'll see coming together in the next few weeks/months. The disassembled bed should be making its grand exit in the next few days, hopefully. Currently the floor is completely covered with baby clothes I sorted through today, and are soon to be washed and put away. Little decorative items are starting to stack up, and we will be furniture shopping soon. 

Project nursery rundown:
  • paint grey walls
  • paint white focal wall
  • sew and hang new curtains
  • lay out design for focal wall
  • paint color(s) on focal wall once we find out the sex of baby "Mo"
  • get rid of full bed
  • purchase crib, dresser, and shelves
  • sew bedding and other accent items
  • bring orange glider over from #1 little man's room
  • accessorize shelves
  • hang art/decor on wall
  • update ceiling fan and doorknobs
  • have a baby
Happy March, everyone! We're so happy to share our news and progress with you!

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  1. YAY!!! Sweet baby boy!!! He's going to be stylin' in his adorable nursery! Love the walls, love the dots!!! I can't wait to see what else you do! Love you!


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